Fueling Up for Festivals


Festivals are a lot of fun, but so exhausting! The biggest problem is, the various options of food can be far from nutritious. You know you’ll expect to find the usual suspects: french fries, hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, milkshakes, tacos, ice cream, and gyros. While these may seem like a good way to fill your belly after dancing in the heat for the past 4/5 hours, they are some of the biggest culprits for slowing you down. Fortunately, you can eat before it starts, and if you plan properly, your body will not have to suffer.

Let’s lay down a few simple guidelines for making balanced and healthy choices for your pre-festival and post-festival meals.

1. Eat a big nourishing meal before you head to the festival

  • Arriving with a full stomach will help deter you from the tantalizing aromas of corn dogs, chili cheese fries, and cotton candy.
  • Make sure whatever you plan to eat pre-festival has about 25-30% protein (vegetarian sources or animal protein), about half the plate contains raw or lightly cooked vegetables, and some sort of carb (brown rice, corn tortilla, or quinoa).

2. If you end up feeling hungry while at the festival scope out the healthy options

  • Opt for vendors that offer corn on the cob, grilled meat kabobs, crepes with veggies, or fresh fruit inside.
  • Order the smallest size possible and share with your friends to cut back on calorie intake.

3. Invest in a CamelBak for water

  • Camelbak hydration packs cost as low as $40. I saved $50 by wearing one to my first festival-you’ll be surprised by how much water you will drink especially if you’re in hotter temperatures.
  • Drinking water is a great way to curb your hunger. Sometimes when you think you are hungry you are in fact thirsty, which can be a signal from your body to drink water.

4. Replenish electrolytes after the festival

  • First off, what are electrolytes? Minerals in your blood and other body fluids that carry an electric charge.
  • Consuming electrolyte drinks with sodium and potassium salts will replenish the body’s water and electrolytes levels after dehydration from excessive dancing, alcohol, exercise, starvation or whatever the case may be!
  • The most pure drink for electrolyte replenishment is coconut water (bottled is fine if fresh is not available).
  • Stay away from sports drinks (Gatorade) which are packed with sugar and artificial coloring.



All of the above are suggestions. Please email me if you have more specific questions based on your needs or would like to leave a comment below. Which festival are you fueling for next?


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