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Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling by Emily Nachazel

As part of my previous job, I got to travel quite often. While I love to explore new places, traveling also generally means that I am eating at restaurants (or mass prepared food), unable to go to my daily yoga classes at my studio, and having to find alternatives to my normal running routes.  While I am generally a healthy person, I am not superhuman, so it is still a challenge for me to stay healthy and fit while on the go. In this post I will share some of my tips for keeping up with working out and eating well while on the go.

Many of these tips are applicable, regardless of if you are traveling or not.  Although I don’t always follow my own advice, I find that when I do, I feel worlds better and am able to enjoy exploring new places much more.

Working out:

Know what you have to work (out) with. When possible, stay at a hotel with a gym.  As soon as you check in, check out the gym to assess the situation.  Some hotels also offer maps or information on nearby running routes.  It also helps to do some research beforehand (Are there any trails or paths in the area?  Is it safe to run outside by yourself? Are there running groups you could join up with? What you can find online is amazing).
Keep up your routine.  If you normally everyday run in the AM, try to stick with this habit while on the road.  While you may have to hit the treadmill instead of the pavement depending on your location, keeping up your normal routine will increase your chances of staying on top of your work outs on the go.
Be flexible.  This may see to completely contradict my last suggestion, but hear me out. Odds are you won’t be able to keep up your routine exactly while traveling, so sometimes you have to modify your planned works outs to adapt to the situation.  Don’t throw the towel just because you can’t do your weekly 10 mile run or attend your favorite yoga class – find something else you can do instead.  Here’s a few ways to be flexible and creative with your work outs on the go:
*Pal in town wants to meet for drinks or dinner?  Suggest something more active – local yoga class, long walk or run, bike ride, etc.  You will be able to catch up while working out.
*No gym at your hotel? Work out in your hotel room.  The internet is a gold mine of quick, portable work outs.  From yoga to Crossfit, there is something out there to please everyone.
*Want to sight see?  Try out a running tour!  I did one on a recent trip, and it was a great way to get some history of the city while getting a work out in.  Also, a lot of major cities now have public bikes you can rent for a day (or longer) – another great, active way to explore.

Eating well:

Pack healthy snacks – I always, always, always travel with snacks.  Some of my staples are nut butters, trail mix, fresh fruit, and greens (spirulina, chlorella, mixed green powders).  Lately I have cooked up a big batch of sweet potatoes or whole grains to take with me.  Not only does this help you stay healthy, but it also helps you save money!
Hit up the grocery store – I call ahead to make sure I have a mini fridge in my hotel room, and then I hit up the grocery store for those items I wasn’t able to bring from home.  I like to pick up non-dairy milk (while many coffee shops offer soymilk, not all hotels have hopped on this trend), in addition to fresh fruits and veggies to snack on.
Keep up your (food) routine – This is one I personally struggle with.  While traveling, I love to try new foods and seek out interesting restaurants.  And although a giant vegan blueberry muffin every once in a while is no big deal, when you are traveling consistently, those muffins add up.  Go ahead and try new things, but don’t use it as an excuse to go overboard everyday.

There you have it folks – my quick and dirty tips on how to stay healthy and happy while traveling.  Next time you are getting ready for a trip, pack a few of these along with you!

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Emily Nachazel is a holistic health coach and yoga instructor based in Brooklyn, New York. She works with individuals and groups who want to increase their energy and manage stress through conscious lifestyle choices.  She teaches her clients to feel good about their food, feel great about their bodies, and feel EMPOWERED to live their lives to the absolute fullest. In addition to yoga, she loves long runs, creating healthy treats, and exploring NYC.

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