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2015-02-22 21.07.10Ashley Moscoso is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Pilates Mat Instructor.  This past year, Ashley received her training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program. She is also a certified Pilates Mat Instructor and completed her training through Equinox in December 2014.

1. How did you get started in the health and wellness industry?

It all started for me when I decided to work for a well-known weight loss company as one of their weight loss consultants. There I learned how to have one-on-one consultations with clients. It was so rewarding seeing members go through this journey where they had to challenge themselves in order to become who they wanted to be.

Having the opportunity to give advice on food, exercise and goals other than just weight loss was both fun and fulfilling! It was a great learning experience and awesome start in the wellness industry.

2. How has your dance background contributed to your work today?

Dance provided me discipline and emphasized the importance of nutrition and exercise. It gave me the foundations of what it took to be the best version of your self. In every role I have had, I have always used those tools to execute what was expected of me. I am the person who I am today because of the lessons I’ve learned from the dance world.

3. What are some of the practices you teach?

As of right now I teach Pilates Mat classes three times a week. I love how you can do this exercise method anywhere and it only requires a mat. It teaches you the importance of body alignment and knowing how to move your body through series that challenge you and benefit you in so many ways.

I also practice nutrition counseling through my Health Coaching services. With my clients I practice bio-individuality and the “no diet” method. I truly believe that losing weight and healing ourselves through better choices of food can fix many of our problems, and of course my approach of finding movement that you enjoy! Exercise is only fun and consistent when you find the activities you love the most.

4. Who inspires you most?

There are a lot of role models out there inspiring people to live a healthier lifestyle, which is great! The person who inspires me the most would have to be Cassey Ho, founder of Blogilates. Through her videos I was able to reconnect with Pilates and love to exercise again. It is amazing how she started her career with making videos for her friends on YouTube and now she has her own DVD workout set, gym apparel line, and traveling around the country teaching her style of Pilates.  The best part of it, she remains to be so humble and grateful. That is inspirational.

5. Who are the people and professionals in your life that help you be your best?

The people in my life who help me be my best are my parents and my significant other. My parents have always been supportive in anything that I wanted to do in life. For that I have been grateful and always turn to them when I need advice.

My boyfriend has been my rock from the moment I had told him I was seeking professional help for an eating disorder. I have learned so much from him. I am so grateful to have his unconditional love and support. Our encouragement to reach for our goals is what makes us such a great team.

6. What are your favorite “go-to” healthy snacks?

I love nuts! Almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, all of them! I think they are a great way to get protein and energy before a workout. Plus they go with pretty much anything!

7. What types of supplements do you take (if any)?

I don’t take them as much as I probably should, but I do take Vitamin C and B12 supplements frequently. Its very important for my body to take in Vitamin C since my immune system tends to be low, especially in the winter months.

8. What are your plans for the future? 

I am one of those people that wants to do everything!

Some plans I currently have for my future is to become fully certified in Pilates equipment such as the reformer. I plan to go back to school to complete a B.S/M.S in Nutrition & Dietetics to become a Registered Dietician. And recently I have decided I would like to compete in a Bikini fitness competition in the near future just for the fun of it.

I believe life has so many possibilities and you have a choice to explore what those possibilities are.

Learn more about how Ashley can support you in your health and wellness journey at her website: Fit Your Health.


Master of the Month: Amira Lamb

amira-f18Amira Lamb is the CEO and Founder of Holistic Hottie Inc.  With over 16 years experience as a certified group exercise instructor, personal trainer, and Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Amira has worked for Town Sports International, The Sports Club LA/Reebok, and Crunch Gym. She is also a Functional Diagnostic  Nutritionist, candidate and has held certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Fitness Association of America, and the C.H.E.K. Institute.

Amira definitely practices what she preaches and is a professional level bikini competitor with the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) and Regional Coach for Bombshell Fitness, coaching other Bikini Competitors with the National Physique Committee. Read on for an exclusive interview with the Hottie herself.

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Master of the Month: Daphnie Yang

Daphnie Yang TrainerDaphnie Yang is the creator of HIIT IT!™, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), an hour long total body workout designed to sculpt every major muscle group, burn fat, torch through calories and increase cardiovascular endurance.  HIIT IT!™ is challenging, intense, effective and FUN. Each class burns up to 700 calories, blasts body fat, sculpts lean muscle mass and strengthens the core. 

Aside from teaching workout classes in studios around NYC and in Central Park, Daphnie Yang is also the head race coach for the New York City chapter of Team Challenge, a half marathon training/fundraising program benefiting the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America.

Daphnie has been featured in Well + Good and on the Instagram of Shape Magazine. She is also a fitness contributor for Dance Spirit Magazine and the popular online fitness magazine wewomen.com.

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Fueling Up for Festivals


Festivals are a lot of fun, but so exhausting! The biggest problem is, the various options of food can be far from nutritious. You know you’ll expect to find the usual suspects: french fries, hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, milkshakes, tacos, ice cream, and gyros. While these may seem like a good way to fill your belly after dancing in the heat for the past 4/5 hours, they are some of the biggest culprits for slowing you down. Fortunately, you can eat before it starts, and if you plan properly, your body will not have to suffer.

Let’s lay down a few simple guidelines for making balanced and healthy choices for your pre-festival and post-festival meals.

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Benefits of Soaking Almonds

Always soak your nuts! Soaking helps deactivate inhibitor enzymes so that nutrients are more readily available to the body and less acid forming. The peel can also be irritating on the stomach lining for some people, and without it the nuts are much easier to digest.  Almonds are high in oil, fatty acids, protein, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, & vitamins B and E.
Incredible benefits of ALMONDS:

  • aphrodisiac
  • stimulate energy
  • high fiber
  • general laxative
  • muscle relaxant
  • lower cholesterol
  • nourish your nervous system
  • boost brain activity
  • high quality protein

TO SOAK:  Measure 1/4 cup of almonds and place them in a glass jar or bowl. Then, I cover the nuts with water, and cover the bowl with a plate or lid. In the morning or at least 7 hours later you can begin to peel the skins right off the almond. It can be a little tedious, but you are doing your body a huge favor-trust me!  All nuts have different soaking time, but the process is generally the same.


Almonds, Peanuts, Pine Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, & Hazelnuts: at least 7 hours or overnight

Cashews: 6 hours, no longer!

If you plan to make more than one serving, be sure to store these bad boys in the fridge, but not for more than a week because they will go bad.


Gettin’ Juicy!

As the Spring season starts to peek its way into 2014 I’m starting to feel ready to get back into making fresh juices at home. Don’t get me wrong-this is definitely not my first green juice of 2014 rather my first homemade one! Buying pre-made juices at Juice Generation, Juice Press, The Butcher’s Daughter, or any other spot to buy juice can be super easy and convenient, but also far too expensive.  Just last week I bought one green juice and one “glow” juice at The Butcher’s Daughter for a whopping $19! I’m always skeptical about buying the juices at juice shops because I know it doesn’t actually cost the price that you are paying for, but I reevaluate and justify that “it’s for my health.” 

Since I’m feeling very energized I thought I would take a trip to Whole Foods, pick up some fresh beautiful fruits and veggies, and head home to juice up my first green drink of the year. 


I walked in knowing I wanted to make a kale, apple, pear, lemon, ginger, and cayenne pepper juice. I bought enough of those ingredients to make two or three servings (for later!).  I took the receipt home and calculated out how much it would cost for the single juice that I just made. Drumroll……. $4.85!!!! This juice was made with all organic produce from Whole Foods. If I find a cheaper organic market then I’m sure my juice would cost just under $4. Amazed by my own findings, I will be juicing a lot more often, especially as the weather starts to heat up!

First Day of IIN!

Today officially marks the first day of classes at Institute for Integrative Nutrition! I’m so excited to finally begin my new journey with food and nutrition and I’m beyond happy that I am able to share this joy with you all. Throughout the year ahead I will be learning about 100 different dietary theories, and two terms coined by IIN: “Primary Food” and “Bio-individuality.” Earlier today I listened in on first live call with my fellow classmates and directors of education from the school. It was so inspiring and energizing to hear from like-minded people from all around the world talking about their reasoning for enrolling at IIN. I have already made connections with a couple classmates that live in the neighborhood and look forward to meeting them face-to-face very soon!  I have lots of reading to catch up on, but will make sure to check back in to post regularly!