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Daily Dose of Vitamin D: Sunlight or Supplementation?

Vitamin D is a fat soluble nutrient that is essential for our body to function optimally.  This vitamin is also critical in preventing infections combatted by the immune system. It helps the body absorb calcium, which is important for building strong bones.

There are two types of vitamin D: vitamin D3 and vitamin D2 with the main difference being that vitamin D3 is more potent in supplementation form. Vitamin D3 is also the type produced by your body when exposed to sunlight.

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Fueling Up for Festivals


Festivals are a lot of fun, but so exhausting! The biggest problem is, the various options of food can be far from nutritious. You know you’ll expect to find the usual suspects: french fries, hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, milkshakes, tacos, ice cream, and gyros. While these may seem like a good way to fill your belly after dancing in the heat for the past 4/5 hours, they are some of the biggest culprits for slowing you down. Fortunately, you can eat before it starts, and if you plan properly, your body will not have to suffer.

Let’s lay down a few simple guidelines for making balanced and healthy choices for your pre-festival and post-festival meals.

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